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Arbitration and Mediation

In cases in which the parties decide that their disputes can be settled by using ADR, our firm can be of assistance. 

At times, especially when the involved parties are located in different countries, it can be much more convenient to delegate either a single arbitrator or an arbitration panel to solve the disputes through the use of specific contractual clauses.

It is also possible that the disputes between parties can be settled before resorting to judicial proceedings. The contested issues between parties can or must, where required by law, be resolved through the use of mediation and assisted negotiation.

In each of these cases our firm can take care of things, even in the case of international arbitration, such that a quick and favourable solution is reached in favour of our client.

Thanks to their well-established experience, some of our team members have been nominated as single arbitrators or as members of arbitration panels.

Arbitration and Mediation

Alberto Dal Ferro avvocato cassazionista

Alberto Dal Ferro

Roberto Santoro Avvocato

Roberto Santoro

Cesare Filippo Diego Cabrini Avvocato Cittadino italiano e svizzero

Cesare Cabrini

Debora Mazzon Avvocato

Debora Mazzon

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