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European Union Law – Antitrust

With over 250 cases before the Court of Justice of the EU, the firm has well-established experience in various areas related to EU law and an extraordinary EU procedural law practice.

To be able to thrive within the legal and economic framework of the dynamic EU we have had an office in Brussels since our beginnings. This helps us to keep the pulse of the beating heart of the EU. We are local and present, and constantly updated on the latest news from Europe.

Most of the national rules are in fact EU-based.

Our Firm is therefore often required to handle cases in which the interpretation and application of EU regulations and national provisions of EU derivation is necessary, both in the non-judicial phase, before the judges of the Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as in front of national judicial authorities.

We assist public bodies, EU bodies and institutions (in particular, the European Commission, some of its agencies and the European Investment Bank) before the Court of Justice and the General Court in Luxembourg, as well as before the Italian courts, on issues concerning European civil service, competition and State aid, agriculture, customs law, VAT, and the recovery of EU funds improperly used by the beneficiaries.

With regard to the areas of competition law, we provide assistance to companies involved in cartels, agreements that restrict competition and abuses of dominant market position, including during the investigation procedures by national and EU authorities and the subsequent administrative procedures (conducted by the AGCM or by the European Commission, which can be closed with the adoption of administrative decisions imposing very heavy fines on companies) as well as in the judicial phase of the possible appeal of such decisions. We advise in case of company mergers, which are sensitive from the standpoint of competition law. In the field of state aid we carry out out-of-court and judicial consultancy for public bodies and companies.

Companies and individuals address our Law Firm to solve issues concerning the free movement of goods and capital, often for customs-related matters, their freedom of establishment (especially when individuals need to get recognition of their academic titles and professional qualifications), and their freedom to provide services.

The Firm also deals with issues related to import/export, dumping, consumer law, privacy compliance and taxation of EU origin, food law, management of EU funding, intellectual property, protection against a State in the event of failure or delay in the implementation of EU regulations with consequent compensation for damages.

In terms of subsidized finance and EU contributions, our expert, Dr Maurizio Dal Ferro, follows these important issues through consultancy.

European Union Law – Antitrust

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