The theme of liability for defective products is particularly important while planning entrepreneurial activity.

To exemplify this, the assembly of a product containing a faulty piece supplied by a third party does not exempt the seller of the final product from the liability to the purchaser. This is because in order to take care of the wellbeing of the final purchaser our judicial system provides for a joint liability of both the manufacturers, but reserving the right of one supplier blaming and retaliating against the other.

Looking more closely, the derived consequences of the defectiveness of a product could have a very strong impact on the corporate structure, both from the point of view of finances and reputation.

This delicate issue was the focus of a seminar organized by Confindustria Vicenza regarding market recall campaigns, attended by Mr Roberto Santoro and Ms Isabella Zanin from our firm.

On the side of the manufacturer/vendor, it is therefore important to predict, in all market sectors, at a contractual and insurance level, to be suitable for corporate set-up in order to prevent or limit the possible consequences connected to a problematic and avoidable end-result.

On the buyer side, it is useful to know the mechanisms of reporting or obtaining information on the recall of defective, unsafe or dangerous products circulating on the market, to ensure a conscientious purchase without risk to health.