On 21 October, DFA Law Firm attended the event “L’Italia delle imprese” organised by ItalyPost and by Corriere Economia at CUOA Business School to award the 250 Champion Companies of the Veneto Region.

On this occasion, considering this sensitive economic phase, much importance for the companies to grow was given to the export of their products (which in Veneto, during the last eight years, doubled from 260 billion euro to about 500 billion euro), as well as to the establishment of a well-structured business plan in order to be granted with loans and to ensure an intergenerational handover.

Despite the raising difficulty for Veneto’s firms to find loans in the medium term, they show a significant rate of growth that may increase thanks to new inputs that must be found, namely, in innovation, industrial automation and the faster and more efficient data transmission.

It is therefore crucial that Veneto’s companies persist in adopting a global perspective towards the market with the view to constantly intensifying exports.

DFA Law Firm would like to congratulate with all 200 Champions Firms, awarded on the basis of criteria set out by Corriere Economia, such as growth and profitability, for their efforts and the results achieved and especially with the following companies that we had the honour to get to know more closely, namely Autec S.r.l., Bauli S.p.A., Fitt S.p.A., Stefanplast S.p.A. and The Bridge S.r.l.

The complete list of the awarded Companies can be found at page 52 of Economia del Corriere della Sera of Monday 21 October 2019.