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Privacy compliance and “231” organizational models

When assisting companies, we strongly focus on the aspects of liability linked to the obligations of compliance with the provisions set out by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 on corporate management and organisational models. We also pay particular attention to regulations on privacy, including the GDPR (the regulation aimed at the free circulation of personal data and their simultaneous protection when they are being processed).

In these sectors, our Firm assists companies in identifying the risks associated with the carrying-out of their everyday activities, establishing the necessary interventions or reasonable changes and submitting proposals for adjusting their corporate structure to the applicable national and international regulations. We plan and set up the so-called “231 models”, benefitting from a network of trusted experts within the various disciplines involved. We analyse all sensitive aspects, in particular in terms of environmental regulations and in matters of safety and health at work, corporate governance, antitrust, contracts and privacy.

With regard to this last sector, we point out the most appropriate solutions, collaborating with professionals in the IT security industry, so that any and all company processes are in compliance with the provisions in force concerning the collection and processing of personal data, ultimately avoiding heavy fines imposed by administrative authorities.

Privacy compliance and “231” organizational models

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Arrigo Giacomelli

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