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Civil Law for Business

At DFA we assist companies in the management of their commercial affairs, paying the utmost attention to the needs of the entrepreneur in optimising his national and international relations.

We assist companies with the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements and in the judicial proceedings that may arise from them, both with customers and suppliers. We have an important know-how in the area of product liability which allows us to define tools for the prevention of business risks connected therewith and, should it be necessary, to manage the resulting disputes.

We support our clients in the management of their employees by making use of experts in labour and social security law and, through our consultancy, we support companies that need to equip themselves with corporate compliance structures, with the preparation of the necessary procedures connected to the so-called 231 models and with GDPR compliance.

We strive to identify the best solutions for protecting corporate assets, accompanying them to effective systems for protecting confidential corporate information.

Where solutions for managing or solving a corporate debt situation are to be found, we identify the most appropriate courses of action with the client and provide assistance in case of insolvency proceedings.

Civil Law for Business

Alberto Dal Ferro avvocato cassazionista

Alberto Dal Ferro

Arrigo Giacomelli  Avvocato cassazionista

Arrigo Giacomelli

Andrea Cevese Avvocato cassazionista

Andrea Cevese

Roberto Santoro Avvocato

Roberto Santoro

Cesare Filippo Diego Cabrini Avvocato Cittadino italiano e svizzero

Cesare Cabrini

Chiara Zerbaro Avvocato

Chiara Zerbaro

Silvia La Barbera Avvocato, LLM

Silvia La Barbera

Debora Mazzon Avvocato

Debora Mazzon

Fiorella Dal Monte Avvocato, PhD

Fiorella Dal Monte

Andrea Bagni Avvocato

Andrea Bagni

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