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Established in 1998

Established in 1998, the law firm of Dal Ferro Giacomelli Cevese Santoro Cabrini continues to grow and develop. A tight-knit team, Partners and Associates work closely together, sharing expertise and a common commitment to the utmost rigour and care in the service of their clients.
The Firm advises and assists domestic and international enterprises, as well as national and European institutions either in court, applying its in-depth knowledge of trial procedures, or out of court, tailoring solutions for the individual business.
The Firm’s hallmark is its ability to rapidly field a team of lawyers with experience in several areas of law, capable of meeting clients’ needs in an efficient and timely manner. In what is an ever more complex and challenging legal and regulatory environment, one involving European and International Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Public Law, or Patent Trademark and Copyright Law etc., this ability becomes increasingly important.

The Firm is member of IPG

an international network of selected legal and tax firms and it is therefore able to assist its clients in many countries around the world.


Area of expertise

Besides assisting and advising Italian companies, the Firm provides legal services to foreign companies and professionals who have business activities in Italy as well as to Italian companies managing business abroad in the following areas:

EU Law

Assistance in disputes and litigation procedures before EU Courts (Civil Service Tribunal, General Court and Court of Justice of the European Union), as well as in the management of legal issues in any way related to EU law.

International Litigation

Assistance to both Italian and foreign entities in litigation procedures before Italian Courts as well as before domestic and international arbitrators.
Assistance either in Italy or abroad with the enforcement process of decisions delivered by foreign or Italian Courts.
Assistance with the enforcement process of foreign arbitral awards in Italy.


Assistance to Italian and foreign clients with either drafting and negotiating contracts to set up trade networks (e.g. contracts of agency, distribution, franchising, etc.) or with managing any aspect of their business activity (e.g. supply agreements, sub-contracting agreements, temporary companies association, etc.) with Italian and foreign partners.
In addition, assistance in the formation of consortiums, as well as in the set up abroad of branches or subsidiaries, by drafting contracts (e.g. Joint venture agreements) with local partners.


Advice and assistance either in or out of court on domestic as well as EU antitrust issues, such as: (i) operations of corporate acquisition-combination - including the notification process to the Antitrust Authority or to the European Commission (MTF); (ii) evaluation of practices potentially restricting competition or implying abuse of dominant position pursuant to Italian aw n. 287/90 or to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

State Aid

Advice on the lawful allocation of State Aid by Regions and Chambers of Commerce, pursuant to art. 107 and 108 of the TFEU and to the implementing laws.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

Assistance in disputes concerning industrial and intellectual property (patents, trademarks, trade models, copyrights, software, etc.).
Drafting and negotiating of contracts for transferring or licensing of industrial/intellectual property titles as well as any other agreement related to intellectual property or copyright (such as contracts of advertising, of sponsoring, etc.).

Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Transactions

Assistance to Italian and foreign entrepreneurs with domestic and international M&A as well as with other business transactions, such as assignment of shares, sales of business branch, etc.. Due diligence tasks on target companies focusing on legal, contractual and non-contractual issues.


Drawing up of articles of association, bylaws and shareholders agreements.
Advice on and assistance in corporate disputes and litigation procedures (directors' liability, minority rights abridgement, challenging of the balance sheet, etc.).


Advice and assistance, either in court or out of court, in disputes concerning liability in contract and liability in tort, focusing on product liability and malpractice.

Arbitration and Mediation

Assistance in proceedings before domestic and international arbitrators.
We also perform duties as sole arbitrators.
Assistance in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, focusing on trade and commercial mediation.

Insolvency Procedures

Drafting and managing agreements with creditors, as well as judicial assistance in insolvency procedures, focusing on debt restructuring and on arrangements before bankruptcy.


The Firm assists private entities and public administrations in litigation procedures before T.A.R. (Administrative Regional Courts) and the Consiglio di Stato (Supreme Administrative Court) and advises on various areas of administrative law, focusing on city-planning, real estate transactions, bids, tenders and public /private partnership.

Real Estate

Drafting and negotiation of contracts for sale, bids and tenders, lease, leasing etc.
Over the last twelve years, the Firm has built up close links to law firms with specific expertise in other legal sectors, such as Criminal Law and Labour Law, thus ensuring its ability to meet clients' needs in almost every area. This ongoing collaboration across offices and legal fields has given its lawyers much valuable experience in working as members of multidisciplinary teams, and reflects the Firm's willingness to embrace new experiences and challenges in its efforts to provide the very best client service.


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Intership and work

The Firm welcomes Italian and foreign interns for short period (three to six month) programs aimed at introducing them to the basics of legal practice.

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Offices and details

The Firm has offices in Italy and address in Belgium

You can directly contact each of the professionals of our Firm by clicking on his name, in the Professionals section; you can also request information just by clicking here or by filling out the form found below.

Our offices


Viale Riviera Berica, 105 - 36100
Phone +39 0444 541884
Fax +39 0444 541883


Foro Buonaparte 20 - 20121
Phone +39 02 89093666
Fax +39 02 89096505


Boulevard St. Michel n. 43
Phone +32 2 7434070
Fax +32 2 7354125

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