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National and International disputes

Our Firm assists its clients in the judicial procedures instituted both before Italian courts and foreign judicial authorities, thanks to the collaboration of a consolidated network of national and international colleagues.

We manage all disputes that directly or indirectly involve companies in the realm of company law, bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings, contract law, intellectual and industrial property, competition law and administrative law.

We closely follow our clients in the recovery of their credits, in Italy as well as in foreign countries, against private entities, individuals or institutions. We describe them all the possible alternative solutions in detail and, after careful evaluation, we guide the client in choosing the most convenient option.

Thanks to our experience in EU law, we employ the multiple instruments adopted and implemented by the European Union for easier management of cross-border disputes in different areas of law (inter alia, cross-border insolvency proceedings, European payment order procedures).

We obtain enforceable orders abroad, to execute them in Italy or we establish national enforcement proceedings on the basis of foreign enforceable orders. If necessary, we take care of the recognition and validation of the judicial measures rendered abroad for their subsequent execution within the Italian legal system.

Furthermore, we assist individuals in lawsuits concerning private international law, as is necessary in trans-boundary wills and inheritances, as well as international separations and divorces.

At the international level, we have the opportunity to collaborate with foreign lawyers, thanks to our participation in the International Practice Group.

National and International disputes

Alberto Dal Ferro avvocato cassazionista

Alberto Dal Ferro

Andrea Cevese Avvocato cassazionista

Andrea Cevese

Arrigo Giacomelli  Avvocato cassazionista

Arrigo Giacomelli

Roberto Santoro Avvocato

Roberto Santoro

Cesare Filippo Diego Cabrini Avvocato Cittadino italiano e svizzero

Cesare Cabrini

Debora Mazzon Avvocato

Debora Mazzon

Chiara Zerbaro Avvocato

Chiara Zerbaro

Maria Giustina Rosa Avvocato

Giustina Rosa

Fiorella Dal Monte Avvocato, PhD

Fiorella Dal Monte

Andrea Bagni Avvocato

Andrea Bagni

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